Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brown Suit Series

Info: This is a series of photographs produced for an exhibition called One Woman, One Colour, which was a show involving 13 women and was curated by Mari Basile-Li’Donni. Each artist had a colour as a theme for their work in the show.

Original Statement

When I was given the colour brown, ‘Collins Street at 5pm’ came to mind by John Bracks. This image talks tome about the conformity and the drudgery of the work force that is still predominantly male. The suited man being a cog in the mechanism of society. The brown suit is a metaphor for the non individual and the uniform of the mundane workforce. The suit inspires a form of respect that suggests a certain place in society. Those that don’t have a suit are denied, the suit is only a uniform. The suit is worn by the nameless man and is sewn together by nameless women.

‘One Woman-One Colour’ is of special interest to me because I am able to explore the feminist idea about the courageous women of the suffragettes. Woman of today are still needing to fight the battles for their place in society. The work place is dominated mostly men and they hold the majority of positions of power. Another example of this disproportionate placing of power is in art, as Women’s art is still not as valuable on the art market as men’s.

Issues of the modern woman still have a long way to go before we find equality/ The suffragettes started a much needed battle but the modern woman is still fighting for the same reasons "new battle same fight" There is still a long way to go. In my work I am exploring issues of gender and what a woman’s role is here and now.

This is just a brief overview of my work, I feel the viewer can bring their own interpretation to the work. Art to me is about the process and the exchange of knowledge so we can move towards a more equitable future.

Postcards from my backyard

At the beginning of 2010 I was lucky enough to be asked to show my collection of dolls to the ABC Collectors program. My Dolls and I were taken to Hobart for the filming. My collection is of the not so pretty dolls, dark little characters from all over the globe.

New Work

Artist's Statement

When we find something in out lives that is difficult, I believe we need to look at it. My imagery looks at addressing the fear and relief that we feel when exposed to death. The need to find a rest, a pause, not only for the dead but for the living. My work is addressing these issues, not to predict outcomes but as setting up a primary space for contemplation and clarity. I use a variety of different mediums: oil pastel drawings, photography, printmaking, collage and installation as a composite hybrid methodology.